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The home buying experience has been the same since…well, forever.
First, a seller’s agent lists the property. Then, a buyer’s agent tries to sell you the property. After closing, everyone puts money in their pocket ... everyone's pocket but yours.  Let’s switch that up, starting today.
 MassRealty puts you first in line.
MassRealty is the first Community-powered, self-service real estate agency. Why rely on an agent for advice and information when you can discover it for yourself — at your convenience. The MassRealty tool kit gives you the same insight and details as the agents. You become your own agent, and our Community gives you the personal details that most realtors wish they had.
Our team of MassRealty Locals continually publish insightful videos about their neighborhoods just for you. They love where they live and know the best tips and tricks.

You get the real stories and good vibes from Locals who know the in's and out's of the neighborhoods on your list. The Locals inform you about development projects, parks, school districts, and all the best places to eat and hang out — in short, all the things that make a great neighborhood a great home!

After you discover your dream home, our expert, on-call agents help you negotiate your closing. Because that’s what they do best!   

 The best part?
You did the leg work, so you get the money.

MassRealty Members earn 2% of the commission on home purchases
— that's a $10K reward on average!

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2% Savings + Access to a Live-Agent Help Desk
2% Savings + Access to a Live-Agent Help Desk
2% Savings + Access to a Live-Agent Help Desk

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 Family members get the same set-up for only $50/person (Limit 5)

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